“A letter to the most badass woman I know”

BecHoweIWDThe Australian association, Business Chicks asked some members to write a letter to a woman in their life who they want to celebrate. Dr Rowan Brookes, Director of Education in the School of Biological Sciences at Monash University, wrote to Bec Howe, a Teacher’s Integration Aid at Peninsula Specialist College.

Bec has recently run a hundred miles and then laughed off Rowan’s praise. And she is so much more.

Rowan’s letter is inspiring, uplifting and very moving. It touches on the idea of the Invisible Woman. It’s well worth reading the whole thing. Here is an excerpt.

Dear Bec,

It’s time that you are celebrated and honoured. You’re an incredibly brave woman with the ability to approach life with perseverance and grit. Your bravery is impressive, but the thing that I most admire is that you haven’t let life wear you down. You show up, you support, and you light up the world around you.

You are a champion of people …

Bec, I want you to know that if you have ever felt invisible, you are not invisible to me. Rather you are seen, you are admired, and you are a hero to me.

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