“I’ve done some crazy adventurous things in my life so … I don’t intend to stop doing those sorts of things now.”

Di Hill, 73, separated from her husband of 43 years in 2010. After that she rented accommodation, but, now finding she can’t afford private rent on the pension, she has used the last of her savings to buy an old campervan to live in. Her story was shown on on SBS Insight.

As you will see, Di has a practical, cheerful and thoughtful attitude. She does not think like a victim or portray herself as one.

Last year a study by Homelessness Australia found increasing numbers of women over 55 couch surfing or sleeping in cars.

The number of older women accessing support for homelessness is increasing at a faster rate than it is for men. Support services say women in this age group are more likely to be the hidden homeless; not sleeping rough on the street but house-sitting, couch-surfing, living in cars or moving between their friends’ and children’s homes.

Many of these women have been employed, raised children, cared for ageing parents and paid taxes. But as they age, their health deteriorates, work opportunities slow and rents rise, they find themselves unable to afford a roof over their head.





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