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My name is Joanna Baker. I write books and other webpages but this isn’t about any of that.

This one is about you.

It started because of the irrepressible Jane Caro.


On a recent episode of ABC’s The Drum, Jane said something like:

 “Women Over 50. We are great consumers of books and films and TV. And we’d be even bigger consumers if it was ever about us!”

And I realised she’s right. If I ever do see anything — films, or on the net (or anywhere at all!) — about women my age, or older, I get a bit excited. Even maybe pathetically grateful.

So I started a Facebook page (also called Women Over 50) and that’s is becoming quite popular. Seems there are a lot of women out there who love reading about other women in our age group.

Maybe we’re all feeling a bit invisible.

So this isn’t for any serious purpose. It’s about getting the stories and faces of real older women out there, because there don’t seem to be many.


I’m definitely not selling anything. I enjoy doing it. But it would be nice to think some people see what I do, so I would love some people to Follow the website by email. There’s a button on the right hand side. It just means you’ll get an email when I post images of older women doing inspiring things. You can ignore it or “Unfollow” any time.

All comments and corrections welcome.

Tell your friends?

I would also love it if you could mention it, or forward this email, to other women who might be interested? Only if you think someone might like it. It really is just about sharing some nice pictures.

And that’s it for now,

All the best, Joanna