There are increasing numbers of women over 55 couch surfing or sleeping in cars.

“We’d better do something, just to stop her talking about it.”

Dorothy Shea has been the driving force behind a project to restore and archive rare documents she found in the storeroom of the Tasmanian Supreme Court.

“No More Soggy Bottoms”

As a girl, Mary Berry was told “There isn’t any career I can recommend for you.” She has been a magazine food editor and TV presenter, and has published over 70 cookery books. At 82 she has no plans to retire.

Taking on the Coal Mines

Wendy Bowman refuses to sell her beloved property to coal mines and fights for her community and its environment.

CEO of Westpac

Gail Kelly is a former school teacher who rose to become the only woman to have run an Australian bank.

Patti Smith

As well as being an acclaimed musician, Patti Smith is an accomplished poet and climate activist.

Nobel Prizewinner

Dr Elizabeth Blackburn is a pioneering molecular biologist who has made great advances in our knowledge of ageing and disease.

Vera Stanhope

What is it that makes an older woman a good detective?